Family Care

At Belmont House we treat a lot of families. We have families who are in their 4th generation who come to see us!


If you are a parent we would encourage you to bring your child from as young as possible. It will help them build up their confidence in seeing a dentist from an early age.

All children are seen for free at the practice, when at least one parent is an active member at the practice. We recommend your child sees a dentist before the age of 18 months so we can spot any child problems early. It is also for your child can build up their confidence in seeing us and build a lasting relationship.

If your child has decay or cavities in the mouth we would like to find the cause of these. We believe prevention is better than cure. If there are cavities we may also like to see the child possibly every 3 months rather thanĀ 6 months.
All children will have free treatment unless it is deemed as cosmetic. This includes permanent white fillings. If you would like your child to have permanent white fillings, this would be provided on a private basis, and please see private fees.

All new adults are seen privately or by Denplan. People are able to join the NHS by going on a waiting list.
DENPLAN patients benefit from evening and weekend emergency service.


Please see Fees for further info.

If you have any queries let us know and please contact us on 01492 547 223.

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