We can provide a whole variety of services. Treatments list are available under the treatment menu. If you cannot see something that you are interested in, please call us, it is likely we do will provide it but have not put it on our list.

Your Examination and check up
We recommend that you attend every 6month. This is so we can spot decay early before it destroys the tooth and so we can spot Gum Disease (gingivitis) early before it spreads too far. We can also spot weak teeth, fractured fillings and other potential problems.
If you have no teeth it is still important to see

During your exam/check up we will be performing a variety of thorough checks.
This will include a check of the
• Head and neck
• Inside mouth
• Tongue
• Back of throat
• Gums
• Teeth
We may have to do a few xrays to see how healthy the inside the tooth is and how healthy the bone is that hold the tooth. Our Xrays are digital to ensure a very minimum dose of radiation. A dental xray will have the equivalent dose to be the same as a few days of background radiation or a trip to Spain by plane. With digital Xrays this dose is even less.

These checks are to ensure we can spot tooth decay, gums disease and oral cancer.

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