Digital Xrays

Here at Belmont House we use Digital Xrays.

Xrays are important so we can see whats going on inside the tooth and under the gum. Before most treatment we need to see what is exactly going on. We need to know what the problems are before we know what treatment is needed!

An Xray will and can show :

  • Possible decay (radiolucency)
  • Gum Problems
  • Cysts and tumours and cancers
  • Fractures
  • Infection
  • Unerupted teeth or teeth that have not erupted
  • Nerves and other vital structures

There are 2 types of xrays.

Intra oral Xrays taken inside the mouth.
Extra oral Xrays taken outside the mouth.

Digital Xrays are used in Belmont House. This allows us to get xrays almost immediately and with a large reduction in radiation, by almost 80% sometimes. Not all practice have this equipment as it can be very expensive.

Xrays are used only when needed.


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